One of the most important challenges confronting the world today is Water Quality and Water Management. Climate change, social and economic development, local conflicts and the complexities of the international political system all affect the availability and quality of this most vital commodity.

Accordingly, we have designed a course for students, young scientists and professionals working in water microbiology, who wish to enrich their knowledge and technical expertise in the field. We believe that the course gives participants a real opportunity to enhance their qualifications and career potential. The course offers participants a high level of training, while the methods and techniques covered are regularly updated to take on board the latest scientific developments in water microbiology. We shall also invite international experts to present and discuss specific or emerging issues, as part of the course.

The specializations offered are:

a) Drinking water microbiology

b) Swimming and recreational Waters


Two weeks in Greece 

Participants may, if they so wish, spend two weeks in Greece, one before and one at the end of the course.

The 1st – Introduction Weekwill take place in Athens after the end of the first module, that it the third week on the course. This week will include a welcome party and opportunity to get to know the teaching team, an introduction to water microbiology, visits to laboratories working with water and sewage samples, and visits to water and sewage purification plants. During the week, participants will have the chance to do some sightseeing and find out more about modern Athens as well as its ancient past and achievements, which had such a seminal impact on European civilization.

The 2nd – Final Week – will take place in Patras, at the Environmental Microbiology Unit, Department of Public Health, Medical School, University of Patras. The participants will get a thorough grounding in standard and molecular state-of-the-art methods for water analysis, with a special emphasis on virology, a developing field that promises to help our understanding of waterborne infections. 

Participants may choose either one, or both, of the specializations, which will be run in parallel.

On successfully completing the four-month Course, students are equipped to enter the job market with a set of skills that employers around the world are prepared to acknowledge and reward.

Important Dates:

New course: 12th October 2020

Application deadline: 8th October 2020

Duration of the Course: October 2020-January 2021

 You can fill in the Application Form and send it by email to info@watermicro-eclass.net.