Training modules

Note: Modules 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 are offered for both specializations. Modules 3, 4, 5 are specialized according to a) drinking water specialization , b) recreational waters specialization. 


Drinking Water

Recreational Water



Introductory Week


Module 1

Introduction to water microbiology


Course Instructor: M.A. Efstratiou


Module 2

Waterborne infections and outbreaks


Course Instructor: A. Vantarakis


Module 3Α-3Β

Drinking and bottled water – Risk Assessment- Water Safety Plan


Course Instructor: A. Vantarakis

Recreational waters and surface water bodies- The beach profiles


Course Instructor: M.A. Efstratiou


Module 4Α-4Β

Sewage quality, disposal & reuse. Water quality in the industry.


Course Instructors: M.A. Efstratiou & A. Mavridou

Swimming pools and spa waters


Course Instructor: A. Mavridou


Module 5Α-5Β

Inhaled water – Legionnella spp and Mycobacteria



Course Instructor: A. Mavridou

Extreme events affecting the water environment. Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology


Course Instructor: Μ.Α. Ευστρατίου


Module 6

Laboratory Accreditation – Water laboratory techniques by culture and molecular methods


Course Instructors: A. Mavridou & A. Vantarakis


Module 7

Laboratory practice (optional)

Α. Vantarakis


Final test: 

End of course student project: