Recreational waters (bathing waters, swimming pools, spas)
AIM Bathing water quality (coastal waters, internal waters, swimming pools & spa), sources of pollution, bacterial indicators of water quality, measures to counteract pollution. A detailed review and assessment of the health hazards associated with swimming pool waters
  • Coastal bathing and internal water’s quality
  • Sources on pollution and countermeasures
  • Bacterial indicators of feacal pollution
  • WHO Guidelines and international regulations on recreational water’s quality
  • Beach profiles
  • Microbiological and chemical quality of the swimming pool & spa waters
  • Transmission of infections in the pool & spa facilities
  • Sanitary inspection, risk assessment and the use of a check list for the quick assessment of the facilities
  • Air pollution in internal pool facilities
  • Occupation health issues in swimming pool facilities
OUTCOME On completing the module, students will be equipped with the skills to control, manage and evaluate bathing beach water quality, pool and spa facilities.


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